A new album released on New Year’s Eve 2006.

The Onion Band are, first and foremost, a live band and have always been reluctant to commit to a studio recording. Our live performances are rather organic affairs, we’re always trying new ideas and arrangements and there is a good deal of interaction with the audience. We’ve often thought that studio recordings sound rather tame and have an air of a band “set in aspic”.

We wanted to capture the energy of our live performances so we set up our gear exactly as if we were on stage, including monitors and played LOUD. This is practically a live album; overdubs are minimal – Tony’s new electric mandolin was added here and there playing harmonies, there are a few bits of backing vocal and a dusting of percussion. And that’s it.

The recordings were made sporadically throughout 2006. Interrupted variously by surgery, throat infection, ear infection (stone deafness), stifling heat, Pug’s many holidays and our constant reluctance to record. A flurry of activity in December meant that it was at last ready for release on December 31st. When the shops were shut!


Track Listing

Gentleman Soldier

Oh Joe! The Boat’s Going Over.

Wheel the Perambulator

Old Molly Oxford / Trunkles Headington

American Pie

The Nutting Girl

Anarchy in the U.K.

Nick’s Delight

Three Drunken Maidens

Sea Tunes

D-Day Dodgers

‘List for a Sailor / London Pride

Bonus Tracks:

Change at Thorpe-le-Soken

The Lollipop Man / The Quaker


Cover Art

Is by local artist “Bat”, aka Malcolm Batty


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