Curved Air - Nottingham University 1975

air001.jpg air002.jpg air003.jpg

Babe Ruth - Nottingham University 1974

babe001.jpg babe002.jpg babe003.jpg

Barclay James Harvest - Romford Odeon 1971 (with orchestra) and Nottingham University 1974

bjh001.jpg bjh002.jpg bjh003.jpg

Byzantium - Nottingham University 1974


Uriah Heep - Dagenham Roundhouse 1972

heep001.jpg heep002.jpg

The Groundhogs - Brunel University 1974

hog001.jpg hog002.jpg hog003.jpg

Isotope - Nottingham University 1974 and Essex University 1975

iso001.jpg iso002.jpg iso003.jpg iso004.jpg iso005.jpg

Jack The Lad (Lindisfarne spin-off) - Nottingham University 1975


Magna Carta - Nottingham University 1975


Graham Parker and the Rumour - Essex University 1976


Stackridge - Nottingham University 1975

stak001.jpg stak002.jpg stak003.jpg stak004.jpg

The Strawbs - Nottingham University 1974

The picture of John Ford is a cheat. He was photographed playing with Hudson Ford - also 1974.

stwb001.jpg stwb002.jpg stwb003.jpg

Thin Lizzy - Essex University 1976


Upp - Nottingham University 1974

upp001.jpg upp002.jpg upp003.jpg

Van Der Graaf Generator - New Victoria Theatre, London 1975

vdgg001.jpg vdgg002.jpg vdgg003.jpg vdgg004.jpg vdgg005.jpg vdgg006.jpg vdgg007.jpg

Seventh Wave - Nottingham University 1974


Myself and Miranda, my wife - at "Our Little Place In France" (wondering what the poor people are doing)


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