Tony O’Neil

Various Epiphone 4-string and

8-string electric mandolins

Ibanez amplification,

Alesis, Electro Harmonix & Zoom FX pedals


Tony is a real musician’s musician – brilliant and original.

He rehearses rarely, preferring to improvise instead.

It is unusual for him to play anything the same way twice.

This means that the band’s material is constantly evolving.

“Pug” Rayner

Lead Vocals, Fylde Octavius Bouzouki,

Martin DM12 12-String Guitar,

Trace Acoustic amplification,

BOSS & Electro Harmonix FX Pedals


Pug is a huge presence - sweating profusely and singing as though his life depends on it.

He doesn’t so much play instruments as punish them.

He has previously sung in punk and heavy rock bands; his style hasn’t altered much.






Nick Andrews

(Melodeons, Backing Vocals)

Nick was one of the founding members,

and a brilliant, much-respected

player. Nick finally hung-up his box

at the end of 2015.

Neville Wake

(Bass Guitar)

Neville joined up with Pug for a short-

lived side project, “Rayner’s Wake”.

He joined the band in 1994 until

leaving for Turkey in 2000.

Hazel Bradshaw

(Percussion, Whistle, Backing Vocals)

Hazel’s thunderous Bodhran playing was

a feature of the band’s sound almost from

the beginning until her departure in 1997

Robbie Peoples

(Fiddle, Vocals)

A classically trained Viola player, Robbie

joined us from Tony and Hazel’s other

band during the late 1980’s. He left when

he returned to his native Derry in 1990.


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