29th November 2016 – A new lease of life

Early this year it became more and more obvious that Neville was unlikely to be re-joining us for the foreseeable future. He has decided not to move back south from Scotland where he has too many ties.

By then we had played quite a few gigs as a duo. They were well received, we were enjoying the format more and more and our confidence grew. We were even told, by several people that we still sounded much the same. Odd, considering that we’d lost the lead and most dominant instrument! However, not for the first time, we soon adapted our playing style when the band personnel changed. One unexpected difficulty we did encounter was remembering how some of the tunes start! It’s not just an “age thing”: Tony was going to have to play lead where he’d previously played harmonies on most of the tunes. We found an elegant solution and most people haven’t noticed how it’s done. But still, sometimes he’ll switch between melody and harmony, making for some unusual arrangements.

We’re not playing so many gigs these days. That partly IS an “age thing” but also we’re being much more selective about where and when we play.

13th July 2015 – All Change!

After a total of more than twenty years and well over 700 gigs with us, founder member Nick has decided to hang up his Melodeon and head for the "Old Folkies Home". But not quite yet, he's still going to be with us for most of the remaining gigs this year.
Yesterday's gig at The Swan Inn, Worlingworth was played by the duo of Tony and Pug and was such a success that we've decided to do a few more gigs like that.


In the not too distant future, we hope to be welcoming back our old mucker, Neville Wake, on Bass Guitar. To re-unite the "Power Trio" of the late 1990's. More later.

1st March 2012 – A New LIVE Album

We recorded several gigs during Autumn 2011. This was done using an eight-track digital recorder and mixed down using Cubase. The results were so good that we’ve released it!

7th January 2011 – Bringing things up to date

We’ve long prided ourselves on the quality of our live sound but last year we realised that our gear was getting a bit long in the tooth. What was once state of the art was beginning to look a bit past it. Time for an upgrade. We started with the monitors – at last, we can now hear what each other is doing! Then the main PA mixer/amp became rather sickly after we connected a powerful power amp to the wrong socket one night! Almost before we realised it the entire PA rig has been replaced, including some rather sexy Turbosound speakers. The old rig was rather inflexible and we had to use roughly the same amount of kit regardless of the size of the venue. Now we can put together various configurations from 200 watts up to 3000 watts!

The website has barely changed for around 10 years now and some of the photos were taken even longer ago. This year we were fortunate to have some really nice photos taken of us at a few gigs. The photographers were kind enough to give us permission to use them so long as they were credited. So thank you to Kishor Krishnamoorthi, Maria Fowler, James Monk and Doug McLean.

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